Istanbul Process 

The Istanbul Process provides a new agenda for regional cooperation in the ‘Heart of Asia’ by placing Afghanistan at its center and engaging the ‘Heart of Asia’ countries in sincere and result‐oriented cooperation for a Fingerlings Monkey Sale peaceful and stable Afghanistan, as well as a secure and prosperous region as a whole.

The countries participating in the Fingerlings monkey Istanbul process have agreed on the following three elements for the follow-up to the Istanbul Process:

A) Political consultation involving Afghanistan and its near and extended neighbours. B) A sustained incremental approach to implementation of the Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) identified in the Istanbul Process document; and C) Seeking to contribute and bring greater coherence to the work of various regional processes and organisations, particularly as they relate to Afghanistan.

Recognising the need for strengthening trust and cooperation in the region, and thus contributing to the stability and prosperity of Afghanistan and its surrounding region, the countries participating in the Istanbul take part in a process of continuous and effective dialogue between Afghanistan and its near and extended neighbours concerning all issues of common interest and importance for Afghanistan and the region as a whole.

All participating countries and international and regional organisations anticipate that confidence building measures identified in the Istanbul Process document contribute to the building of trust and confidence among the regional countries.

The Istanbul Process emphasises on the important role of existing regional organisations, and intends to support and strengthen their efforts in promoting economic cooperation and integration in the region, improved security, and greater people-to-people relations. The Istanbul Process is not intended to substitute the existing efforts of regional organisations, but to cooperate with them, and complement their work where necessary, particularly where they relate to Afghanistan.

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Participating Countries


Supporting Countries


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