3rd Regional Technical Group Meeting

3rd Regional Technical Group Meeting of

Disaster Management – Confidence Building Measures (DM-CBM) under Heart of Asia Initiative (Istanbul Process)

May 14, 2014

Record of Meeting

  • The third ‘Regional Technical Group’ (hereinafter referred to as RTG3) of DM-CBM of the Istanbul Process, took place on 14th May, 2014 in Islamabad – Pakistan.

  • The meeting was attended by representatives of participating countries of Heart of Asia including the two co-lead Technical Focal Points from Pakistan and Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, China, India and Turkey. Besides, representatives of supporting countries viz Royal Kingdom of Norway, Sweden, Japan, Poland and France, as well as the supporting organizations viz World Bank, European Union, NATO, UNOCHA, UNDP, and ADPC attended the meeting.

  • It was unanimously agreed upon to include Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre (ADPC) as the supporting organization of DM-CBMs.

  • The participants of RTG3, joined by supporting states and regional and international organizations, believed that the Istanbul Process was an important regional platform of dialogue and interaction for consolidating the efforts of the countries of the region aimed at promoting security, confidence and result-oriented cooperation. Their commitments to the agreed Implementation Plan and the Activity Plan of Disaster Management – Confidence Building Measures (DM – CBMs) as adopted in the Senior Officials Meeting (SoM) held in Almaty (25 April 2013) were reiterated. Those documents primarily focus on 1) conducting activities and events with a view to exchanging information and best practice to enhance the knowledge aspect of disaster preparedness, response, and disaster risk reduction 2) creating a mechanism for pooling of knowledge and experience focusing on impact of disasters and disaster mitigation strategies, and 3) developing robust early warning information and pre-identification system for droughts and other water-related hazards.

  • Considering the aforesaid two documents as the foundation for continued and broadening co-operation in the field of DM – CBM under the overall framework of the Istanbul Process, the participants expressed their gratitude to the Government of Pakistan for hosting this important meeting and the two days international conference on “Sharing Experiences and Developing Regional Hazard & Risk Picture for Joint Action Plan” (12-13th May, 2014), as well as the Government of Kazakhstan for co-leading the process of DM – CBMs alongside Pakistan since its initiation and for successfully hosting the RTG2 at Astana (4th September, 2013).

  • The participants recognized and appreciated the steps taken so far for practical implementation of DM – CBMs “Activity Plan” that have now started giving positive results and our further commitment to continue to consolidate the process of implementation through consultations, dialogue and practical joint actions.

  • Welcoming the strong commitment to provide synergy with relevant international and regional organizations and fora in the process of implementation of common goals, the role of facilitators played by Heart of Asia supporting countries and organizations such as UNOCHA, UNDP, WFP, World Bank, European Union and NATO was appreciated.

  • The participants while reaffirming their strong resolve to continue the implementation of DM – CBMs as a practical approach to building confidence and cooperation at the regional level, commended the work done by senior officials and technical experts of the region to prioritize the activities under implementation plan for DM – CBMs at Almaty when they met last on 4 September 2013.

  • It was recognized that timely, effective and result-oriented execution of activities under DM – CBMs implementation plans requires financial resources. Therefore, the proposal to the creation of a Trust Fund for disaster mitigation and response and establishment of Secretariat for DM – CBMs to steer the process in an institutionalized manner was noted for further deliberations. It was, however, stressed upon the participating countries, together with supporting countries and organizations to meanwhile continue to mobilize resources to undertake specific activities towards realization of prioritized interventions under DM – CBMs implementation & activity plan.

  • The Technical Co-chairs on DM-CBM presented the progress made so far that contributes to the implementation of “List of Activities” under the Implementation Plan of DM-CBM (Annex-I). The contributions highlighted by the Supporting Countries and Organizations are also annexed (Annex-II). The priorities identified and shared by Afghanistan during the RTG3 are at Annex-III.

  • The participating countries, supporting countries and organizations appreciated appointment of the Regional Disaster Management Coordinator for DM-CBM based in Kabul, Afghanistan with the support of Sweden.

  • The participants also appreciated the proposal for establishment of Working Group devoted to the development of a Regional Risk Picture.

  • The participants welcomed with gratitude the offer by ADPC to extend its fullest support towards implementation of DM – CBMs under HoA Istanbul Process by bringing in its technical expertise for piloting the initiatives in the area of Disaster Risk Management as outlined below:

  • Facilitate the consolidation of regional risk profile of HOA countries based on the existing risk and hazard information available at country level.

  • Provide support in the area of Mainstreaming DRR and CCA into Development Planning processes at different levels; develop Community Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM) frameworks and its linkages with local development planning processes.

  • Provide technical and operational support to HOA process for its annual technical meetings by bringing in the experience of the Regional Consultative Committee of ADPC.

  • Provide capacity development support to NDMOs and development planning officials from HOA countries.

  • Based on the above, ADPC would come up with a detailed proposal to be shared with HOA countries for their inputs and endorsement. Subsequently, ADPC would undertake resource mobilization for the implementation of activities on long-term basis.

  • The participants appreciated the proposal to use the good offices of SAARC Disaster Management Centre (SDMC), New Delhi India to facilitate in the capacity building of HOA countries through various trainings.

  • The participants expressed their gratitude and appreciation to all the participating and supporting countries for their active participation and deliberation during this meeting on DM-CBM.It was decided to present this ‘record of meeting’ to the Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) expected to be held in China.

  • The participants welcomed the proposal of Kazakhstan to host the next RTG (RTG4) in one of the participating countries

  • This Record of Meeting was adopted in Islamabad on the 14th day of May, 2014 by representatives of the participating countries of DM-CBM of ‘Heart of Asia’ consisting of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the Peoples Republic of China, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of India,the Republic of Turkey, and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and by supporting countries comprising representatives of Royal Kingdom of Norway, Sweden, Japan, Poland and France as well as the supporting organizations viz World Bank, European Union, NATO,UNOCHA, UNDP, WFP and ADPC.

  • The detailed list of participants of the meetings is Annexed.