4th Regional Technical Group Meeting

4th Regional Technical Group Meeting on

Disaster Management – Confidence Building Measures (DM-CBM) under Heart of Asia Initiative
(Istanbul Process)

8th September 2015


  1. Fourth ‘Regional Technical Group Meeting’ (hereinafter referred to as RTG4) on DM-CBM of Heart of Asia (HoA), Istanbul Process, took place on 8th September 2015 at Islamabad, Pakistan.

  2. All participating countries of HoA including Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, China, India, Iran, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey attended the meeting. Representatives of supporting countries including Denmark, France, Japan, Norway, Poland, Sweden, UK and USA as well as supporting organizations including ADPC, EU, GIZ, UNDP, UNESCAP, UNOCHA, WFP and WB, also attended the Meeting.

  3. Participants of RTG4 Meeting joined by supporting states and organizations recognized the value added importance of Istanbul Process in promoting disaster risk reduction (DRR), enhancement of risk resilience and strengthening of response mechanisms through a collaborative approach to meet the challenges of Global Climate Change and emerging disasters.

  4. An insight and overview of previous RTG Meetings with progress made thereof was presented to the participants. Detailed presentations were also made on, Impact of Climate Change on Pakistan and HoA Region, Hazards and Risk Picture of HoA Region and Proposed DRR/DRM Road Map prepared by the co-leads Pakistan and Kazakhstan with technical assistance from ADPC. An exhaustive discourse took place on proposed DRR/DRM Road Map for HoA region arriving at tangible implementation milestones.

  5. Based on, one day long RTG4 Meeting on DM-CBM under HoA Initiative (Istanbul Process) and deliberations among participating countries in particular with input from supporting countries and supporting organizations in general, the delegates of RTG4 Meeting affirm and endorse carrying forward of HoA process as following:-

  6. Consensus approval of a proposed DRR/DRM Road Map incorporating modifications suggested during discussion.

  7. Implementation milestones of proposed Road Map for next 03 months (before Ministerial Conference in December, 2015) were agreed as under:-

    1. Development of HoA DRR Portal by Pakistan.

    2. Development of a framework towards a Pilot Project in HoA Region on Drought Assessment, Early Warning & Monitoring with the assistance of UNESCAP.

  • Multi-stakeholders Experience Sharing Workshop at China in October 2015 under HoA DM-CBM.

  1. Detailed Action Plan, to be prepared by ADPC on proposed DRR/DRM Roadmap for presentation in Ministerial Conference to be held in December 2015.

  2. Appointment of a Technical Coordinator, for HoA DB-CBM Activity with the assistance of ADPC at NDMA Pakistan.

  3. Progress sharing on List of Activities agreed under RTG-1 & 2 by all the participating countries, supporting countries and supporting organizations.

  • Government of Japan will share details of future cooperation under HoA DM-CBM, in December 2015, Ministerial Conference.

  1. Grant of mandate to ADPC to mobilize funds for implementation of proposed Road Map and Action Plan (as and when approved).

  2. Possibility of organizing 5th RTG Meeting and 12th RCC Meeting jointly scheduled in tandem at Islamabad in 2016 subject to consensus of HoA participating countries during Ministerial Conference. ADPC to share a Concept Note on the proposal by 30th September 2015 with all participating countries.

  3. We, the delegates of RTG4 Meeting affirm the importance of regional platform for dialogue and deliberations in consolidating efforts of the countries of Heart of Asia and endorse the significance of Istanbul Process as foundation for continued and broadening co-operation towards DM – CBM.