Pericles Kondylatos bursts out: “I spoke with Mario Priam’s partner and she is in a huge shock”

On-Camera Statements «Who’s in the morning?” and to Panos Papadopoulos he did Pericles Kondylatos about Survivor All Star, the betrayal she experienced on the survival reality show, but also about the shots of the tender foursome between Karolina and Mario.

“I was very sad that Giorgos Asimakopoulos and Karolina voted for me. I thought that what we lived both outside and before would count somehow, if only for a while. This is a betrayal. I don’t know, treason you mean? Donkey, pig? I don’t know what it’s called,” said Pericles Kondylatos.

For Karolina and Mario who were caught in the act, Pericles Kondylatos commented: “I feel very bad because I know some people who are involved with them. What can I comment? It is an uncomfortable situation that those directly concerned should better deal with. Mario Priam’s partner is my friend, she’s in a huge shock.”

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