Marina Patoulis to Grigoris Leon: “Good way”

About her candidacy for the Municipality of Pefki/Lykovrysi, she spoke Marina Patoulis on camera of the show”Super Katerina” and the journalist Menia Koukou. Among other things, she referred to her decision to join politics and the “controversy” with him Grigori Leonwho is also running as a candidate.

“This decision is something that has progressed over time. I grew up in my childhood in Pefki, I played in the fields. The vision and development of the design includes the culture of everyday life, but also the creation of municipality cities that are friendly and accessible to people with mobility difficulties,” said Marina Patoulis initially and emphasized that her ex-husband, George Patoulis, supports her in her choice her.

“Yorgos Patoulis believes in my abilities, that I am a good student and I would not like to disprove him. He will give me a vote of confidence, because he won’t be able to give me a normal vote as he is voting in Maroussi” added Marina Patoulis.

As for Grigoris Leon, Marina Patoulis wished him “good luck”.

See the relevant quote from Super Katerina:

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