Mavro Rodo – Tasos Tziviskos: The revelations of “Paraschos” about the developments of the series

Guest on the show Mega Good morning was found on the morning of Monday 23/1 o Tasos Tziviskos.

The actor who stars in the series this year, Black Rose and he plays the television Paraschos, among other things he talked about his role but also about the developments that we will see in the series.

“You won’t get bored of Black Rose in terms of twists. I don’t think of Paraschos as a bad guy. They are one of those people that situations lead them to do things that they think they are in control of the situations and as they move forward and react, they get further into those situations. Paraschos isn’t bad, he’s a first-timer, he just takes orders and does what he’s told to do.

But he also has his own agenda, but he is dark. I imagine we will see aspects of Paraschos’ character. The romance with Natassa is real, there is this feeling from both of them. It’s her character, but Paraschos likes Natassa,” Tasos Tziviskos initially said.

As for whether it will be revealed that Paraschos plays in a double board, Tasos Tziviskos revealed: “We’re going to trouble you a bit with this one. Paraschos maneuvers well and keeps his notes. He is also guarded by Themis Kastrinos and will start to be guarded by Vikos as well. Vikos will do everything he can to not find out that he had his son Themis Kastrinos bullied. The nephew of Themis Kastrinos, Loukas, has entered with a lot of air and they will have conflicts with Paraschos, because the control he wants to have is beginning to be lost.”

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