Eugenia Manolidou for Adonis Georgiadis: “I support my husband, this is what all couples should do”

On the occasion of the presentation of her children’s fairy tale, h Eugenia Manolidou he spoke into his camera Morning and journalist Yiannis Malliaros. Among other things, the wife of Adonis Georgiadis made it clear that she would not want to mention at all the issue of her presence at the funeral of the former King Constantine.

“It is a personal moment and I would not like to mention it,” said Evgenia Manolidou to the ANT1 camera.

With reference to recent trip with husband Adonis Georgiadis to Davos, Switzerland, Eugenia Manolidou noted that “this is how it should be done with all couples. Let each support the other.”

See more in the video below:

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