Eurydice Valavani: The long post after her exit from Survivor All Star

THE Eurydice Valavani left a week ago from the Survivor All Star, surprising her teammates. For a few days now, the 35-year-old journalist returned to Greece and met her loved ones again.

After calming down from her adventures in Santo Domingo, Eurydice Valavani made a lengthy post on her personal Instagram account and wrote about her short experience in the game, her feelings and the difficulties she faced.

“The shortest but most meaningful trip of my life… to mark the beginning! At 11:11! The one! 6 years ago I managed to be the last woman to leave @survivorgreece and this year to be the first. So somehow, a circle that I opened is closing and I feel more complete than ever! I feel so grateful for every day I spent in the hut that I woke up, hungry, cold, cried.

I was slow to adapt to the circumstances, but you know that I was betting only on myself and the most important thing was to love me, listen to me and take care of me. Thank you to all of you who have been here all these years and know who Eurydice really is and how far she can go.

Thanks to my family and friends for staying up all night and being a punch, believing in me and sending stars and positive thinking! I wish you all have a support system as strong as mine and that whatever negative may happen in your life, turn it into a positive, move on and remember that EVERYTHING happens for a reason!” wrote Eurydiki Valavani.

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