Fake doctor: Documentary photo with physiotherapist and young patient suffering from multiple sclerosis

Photo document brought to light the T-live with Tatiana Stefanidou, starring the accused bogus doctor and a young patient suffering from multiple sclerosis.

According to Iota Kipourou, in the snapshot we see the action of the accused fake doctor, who was selling hopes of healing to a family for their daughter, treating her with stem cell injections.

No one knows what was contained in the injection the 66-year-old gave to their daughter. The photo document is likely to be produced in court in the coming months.

“He visited us as a neurologist. He said that my daughter is in very good condition and that she will definitely be fine. But he had to go to Germany to do some special tests. He actually went to Germany, to a center that he introduced to us. We went there, she did the test, they told her about some treatment, which should contain some peptides. And then, he would make stem cells and very soon he would be completely well,” the mother of the girl who fell victim to the accused fake doctor told the journalist Iasona Tsoli.

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