Kostas Tsouros: “Relationships in the field of entertainment are about licking and lying”

THE Kostas Tsouros sat on her sofa “Helen” and he spoke to Eleni Menegaki about his path in the television field, the interview he has as a repulse, while he did not hesitate to comment on everything we have seen so far on television.

“Entertaining is incomparably more difficult than informing. In the field of entertainment, relationships are not as honest as in information. They are more superficial, of appearance, of licking, of lying.

From the front we are fine and from behind one is burying the other. I’ve been through this a lot. At first I said, but this is not possible, it is not possible, since these two were cursing a little while ago. Now suddenly in front of the camera they hug and say the best?’ asked Kostas Tsouros.

As for which interviewer he would like to have facing him? “I would love to interview Erdogan, as well as the prime minister and the official opposition leader. I would like to see Mitsotakis playing basketball answering questions and Tsipras doing something he likes answering questions. Let’s see a more human profile of them.”

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