Marina Satti: “My dad had heard racist comments about his origin, just like me”

In the show “In the morning I saw you at noon” was today a guest of Marina Satti. The singer referred, among other things, to her childhood years spent in Crete, but also to the racist attitudes faced both by her father because of his origin (he comes from Sudan) and also by herself because of her different character in relation to the Other children.

“I know my dad has heard some racist comments. My mom told me. I’ve heard about me too. But I realize that I have heard a lot more, and positive things, and the reason why he might have stayed there and affected me, had a little to do with my own guilt. Feeling like I might be different from the kids around me made me feel like I was different from the crowd and that throws me off.

Little by little I came to love my own diversity, that was the hardest part… The trip I made to America for the University I think was the most characteristic moment that brought me closer to who I am today” said Marina Satti.

See the relevant excerpt from the 15th minute onwards

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