Survivor All Star – Karolina Kalyva: She gets along with Asimina and talks about her love with Mario

Ups and downs came to Survivor All Star after George Lianos’ revelation in yesterday’s council about her secret meetings Karolinas Kalyva and his Mario Priamou Ioannidis, while earlier some shots of their tender four-a-tet were shown.

In today’s episode, Karolina Kalyva appeared annoyed with the reference Asimina Hatziandreou made to her personal life saying,

“What I want, how I want it and what I want to do is about me and whatever Survivor has to say to me I am here to deal with but the further voices, let’s stay aside please. What everyone does in their personal lives concerns them and that is why they are called personal. The only excuse I can find is the young man of Asimina’s age who comes out and talks about my relationships, etc. No one has the right to disrupt another’s relationships. What to say; What I don’t like? I consider it bullshit.”

Afterwards, however, Karolina Kalyva also spoke about the love between her and Mario and that, as she said, no one can put limits on her.

“When we talk about love, we talk about love having no limits. Yes, they have put limits on us not to see our opponents, etc., but it is human. Really, I can’t promise if it will happen again and if the whole team will eat the penalty. When it comes to love, there are no boundaries,” said Karolina Kalyva.

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