Survivor: Nikos Bartzis “nails” Sakis Katsoulis – “He called me a slut and that tomatoes would be thrown at me”

Tension between Nikos Bartzis and the Saki Katsoulis in the Survivor All Star. After the immunity match, the two teams were in the council commenting on the latest developments.

Sakis Katsoulis commented on the attitude and the comments he receives from his teammate, who seems to have collected them from the past.

“I remember in the last game we were together, we were starting to leave the board and he was calling me dirty. He was telling me that tomatoes would be thrown at me in my village, many such things happened.

I have nothing against Sakis, I’m not obsessed. There is nothing unreal, I look you in the eyes to tell you that you called me a slut and there are many other people here who know it. I look you in the eyes and I tell you and I’m not ashamed”, said Nikos Bartzis looking at Sakis Katsoulis.

“You’re up for an Oscar, I’m giving it to you because I have a sequel”was Bartzis’s phrase about Katsoulis’ behavior.

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