A 38-year-old and an 18-year-old systematically stole products from the same supermarket in Heraklion

With a surprise check they did on Sunday morning at their house in Arvi, Heraklion, the police officers of the Viannos department and the T.A.E. In the middle of the night, they handcuffed two foreigners who had grabbed products for the umpteenth time from the same supermarket in the area.

Its owner Super Market had handed over to the authorities the footage from the cameras that had recorded the specific foreigners, a 38-year-old and an 18-year-old, who stole various items on Friday, while they had also stolen products from the store in the past. From the preliminary investigation that followed, it emerged that they had also broken into the house of a 51-year-old woman from which they took money and jewelry worth more than 5,000 euros. Thus, they were led to Prosecutor of the First Instance of Heraklionwho prosecuted them for serial theft together.

Women stole products from supermarkets

Two Greek women were arrested at noon on Saturday by traffic police officers, who stole various products from a Super Market at Zakynthos, Friday afternoon! The perpetrators were brought to the Security where a case file for theft by complicity was filed against them, they were taken to the public prosecutor of Zakynthos and referred to be tried by the automatic procedure.

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