A primary school student in Thessaloniki reported an attempted robbery while returning from school

A 6th grade student reported an attempted abduction while he was returning home from school in eastern Thessaloniki.

According to the complaint, the incident occurred at noon on Tuesday (24/1), when the minor was returning on foot from school, which is located in the Depot area. Shortly before reaching his home, a car allegedly stopped near him and a person got out and followed him.

The juvenile became frightened and ran to a bystander for help, at which point the person who reported following him got back in the car and drove away.

The student reported the incident to his parents and they informed the Immediate Action Center and a police car arrived at the scene.

According to information, so far no official complaint has been made to the Thessaloniki Police for an incident of attempted abduction of a minor. Finally, it is noted that the 11-year-old usually returned from school with his grandfather, but yesterday he would return home alone.

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