Adriana Andreovic: A mathematician on stage & on TV

Adriana Andreovich transforms herself in front of Panos’ lens. Sometimes fatal, sometimes sexy, almost always rock. When the photo shoot is over, she becomes herself again. A fresh and enthusiastic girl, full of vitality and energy that seem almost inexhaustible. He speaks spontaneously, without filtering the words because he has nothing to hide. She has acted in the theater, but also in half a dozen TV series, making a splash with “Epistrofu” in 2018. This year she plays Nadia in the daily drama series of SKY “Wild land” and Irene in “Abigier” in the theater “Jeni Karezi” . Time is running out and Adriana has a lot to say and even more to do.

GALA: Are you a rock?
ANDRIANA ANDREOVIC: I would say that I am the closest thing to rock, if we can classify people into styles. Rock has something radical, something revolutionary that suits me. I don’t like routine at all, so there’s no way I could do an office job. Even though our work is insecure and come and go, I think it would kill me more if I did something static.

G.: You started, however, with studies in Mathematics. Why;

AA: Mathematics is fantasy and is very similar to art. We are used to consider mathematical what we learn in school, pre-education and their applied aspects. But real mathematics opens up your horizons. I learned about our world from them.

Jacket, top and skirt, all Alice and Olivia, attica, the Department Store

G.: But you left them for art.

AA: I didn’t quit, I got my degree. And from time to time, among the other jobs I’ve done in my life, I’ve delivered especially in math.

G.: What other jobs have you done?
AA: I’ve done service, I’ve worked on the radio, I’ve helped in my father’s food business. And since the last one I have become obsessed with nutrition. I actually really like to cook.

G.: What are you cooking?
AA: I generally follow my mother’s and grandmother’s recipes, who taught me to love light cuisine, even though we also have Asia Minor origins.

G.: How did Andreovich come about?

AA: It’s a long story, which my dad has written in a book that I hope will now be published. I think it should be made into a movie. In Tsarist Russia, then, my great-grandfather Andreovich was a great feudal lord. He had a lot of money, the privilege to study whatever he wanted in St. Petersburg, and he was an adviser to the tsar. When the revolution happened, he fought with the Red Army, then he got pissed off and fought with the White Army, and finally he was hunted down in Greece. He stayed in Evros waiting for him to come back one day, but that never happened. He married a Pontian, also persecuted. And my other grandparents are Asia Minor. I only have refugee in my blood. All my ancestors were uprooted from their homelands, each for his own reason.

G.: So you have running in your blood.
AA: It is true. I was born in Thessaloniki, where we stayed until I was 6, we moved to Drama until I was 18, and then I went to Patras, where I graduated from both schools, Mathematics and Acting. And now I live in Athens.

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G.: How did you get involved in acting?
AA: I had the germ before. From a very young age, my mother took me to performances in the ancient theater of Philippi, and every time I saw the actors on stage I said “wow, that’s what I want to be when I grow up”. In my teenage years I was very involved in music. I went to a Music High School, learned to play several instruments and sang. But I liked the play we did at school more. It’s just that I was also a student of 20, so I took the exams and passed the Mathematical School of Patras.

G.: Nice student years?

AA: Amazing. Patras is a nice city. Basically I had a plan. Finishing school, leaving Drama and my parents to live in another city, alone, to become independent. My parents are wonderful, they are a stepping stone, but I wanted to stand on my own two feet. So I was planning, after finishing Mathematics, to come to Athens and take the National exams. But in the meantime, the Drama School of DIPETHE of Patras opened in ’12, and it was my mom who called me to tell me about it and urged me to take the exams. I did, I got in and since then my life has changed.

G.: How was the first time on stage?
AA: In Drama I was familiar with the stage, because I gave many concerts. I had four bands at school. But after Drama School, I started feeling anxious, because I learned to dig deeper and realized how many mistakes I made and how many mistakes I can make. I learned the behind-the-scenes of performing and realized that up until then I knew nothing. I met a new world, with which I am in love. It’s a world crooked, upside down and wonderful together.

G.: What was your first job as an actor?
AA: He was in the play “Oedipus at Colonus”, in ’17, directed by Stavros Tsakiris, with which we toured and also went to Epidaurus. I was playing with Kostas Kazakos, who we lost recently, whom I loved very much.

G.: How was the experience in Epidaurus?

AA: Magic. By the time I came out, I thought I was going to have a panic attack, that I was going to pass out on stage. As soon as I set foot on the sidewalk and saw the world, my anxiety went away. And I said “I will do this job”.

G.: Have you encountered any difficulties in the field?
AA: Many, but I am very demanding. If I set my mind to something, I will do anything to achieve it – as long as it is in line with my moral code, as long as my values ​​allow it. I am very busy and every day I am looking for auditions, even now. I read tributes and magazines, I want to know at any moment what is happening in my area. I love him very much. I just don’t do well with social media.

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G.: Why don’t you like them?
AA: I think they create a distraction. I avoid them as much as I can, although I think this is bad for my work.

G.: Do you act on TV because you like it or do you do it for livelihood reasons?
AA: No, I like television and I like the challenge of it. The conditions are not easy, we are all pressed for time. From ’18 when I did my first daily, “Epistrifo”, to last year’s “Oath” which was shot in single camera, you always feel an invisible rush. No matter what, scenes must be shot. So for me as an actor this is kind of a challenge. Always be ready, have good reflexes, listen to an instruction and understand exactly what to do.

G.: Are you interested in cinema?
AA: It’s what I want to do. I have a big crush on him. I believe theater is the magic, but cinema can capture the image you want. Maybe I’m a control freak too. Grouzinis, when we were rehearsing for “Abigier”, told us something that I have kept: “In the theater, the performance never happens on the stage. It always happens inside the viewer’s mind.” And it is true. In the theater, the viewer’s gaze will focus anywhere on the stage. In the cinema, however, you can show him what you want him to see.

G.: Are there any roles you dream of playing?
AA: I really like comedians. I had a flirtation with comedy in ‘Jacket to Get’, even in ‘Rise’ and ‘Love with a Difference’ we had some comedic elements, but I’ve yet to play a pure comedy role, you know, the kind that deals with humor and sarcasm a problem. Because that’s how I am in my life. I laugh more easily than cry when something unpleasant happens to me. It’s my way of dealing with problems.

G.: Which do you overcome by yourself?

AA: Never alone. I discuss everything that happens to me with my family, with my friends, with my partner. Life doesn’t work out if you’re alone ◆

Styling: Lizi Papazoglou. Make up – Hair: Eleftheria Savvopoulou. Styling assistant: Eleni Exarchou. Photographer’s assistant: Marios Kollias

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