Alarm on “El. Venizelos” after an e-mail about a bomb

Police alert and disturbance at “Eleftherios Venizelos” airport and six hospitals caused on Tuesday morning (24/1) threatening e-mails about placing a bomb in one of their premises, which turned out, in the end, to be a hoax, confirming the officers’ assessment of ELAS who handled the cases.

According to information in the e-mail sent to the airport in Spata, reference was made to Islam and there was a threat “we will blow up the whole airport”,

According to the same information, the e-mail did not describe a specific area of ​​the airport with the police forces and the TEEM that rushed there not detecting anything suspicious.

A similar e-mail was also sent at 9 am to six hospitals with police forces rushing to search their premises and with special sniffer dogs.

According to the same information, the e-mails were sent to Evangelismos, Tzanio, G. Gennimatas, Pammakaristos, Errikos Dunan and Paedon. In the hospitals that received the threatening e-mail, there was a disturbance with those who could leave the buildings.

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