Albertos of Monaco tests positive for the coronavirus for the third time

The 64-year-old Prince Albert of Monaco has contracted the coronavirus for the third time since the outbreak of the pandemic.

The blue-blooded Monegasque, who he had recently visited Greece to attend the funeral of former King Constantine, tested positive for the coronavirus on Tuesday, January 24, according to the palace’s announcement. The same announcement states that the condition of Prince Albert does not inspire concern as the prince is asymptomatic and still working remotely.

He had contracted the coronavirus at the beginning of the pandemic, in March 2020 and indeed, he was the first head of state to test positive for covid 19. In April 2022, Princess Charlene’s husband was diagnosed positive for the coronavirus for the second time.

“He works remotely and is in permanent contact with members of his cabinet, his government as well as his close associates,” the palace statement said. According to the newspaper Monaco Matin, Alberto’s isolation under the rules applicable to the covid 19 disease forced him not to attend the gala held on Tuesday night for the 45th anniversary of the International Circus Festival in Monte Carlo. It is an annual festival that was created in 1974 by Albert’s father, Prince Rainier of Monaco. After his death, in 2005, Princess Stephanie, Albert’s younger sister, has been put in charge of the organization.

The new “disappearance” of Charlene from the public life of Monaco

Prince Albert it will necessarily also stay away from the traditional celebrations for Saint Devota, patroness of the wealthy principality, held every year on January 26. It remains unclear how Charlene will celebrate her birthday today, Wednesday, January 25, when the Princess of Monaco turns 45. The former South African swimming champion’s absence from the International Circus Festival events that began in Monte Carlo on January 20 did not go unnoticed by the French media.

The events of the annual festival were attended by all the blue bloods of Monaco, while Prince Albert appeared with the couple’s 8-year-old twin children, Crown Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, but without his wife.


The French magazine Gala in a relevant report states that Charlene’s absence from the important annual Monegasque festival has not gone unnoticed. In fact, instead of his wife, Alberto was accompanied to the festival by his niece, Camille Gottlieb, daughter of Princess Stephanie. It is a fact that Charlene of Monaco “disappeared” from the scene again after the Christmas and New Year holidays, where he had attended the official events of the principality alongside Albert along with their children.

The blonde princess returned to public life last May after a months-long absence in her native South Africa. After returning to Monaco in early November 2021, Charlene went to Switzerland, where she was admitted to a mental health clinic and stayed until the end of April of the same year. In May of last year, the princess returned energetically to the public life of Monaco, while in an interview with the newspaper Monaco Matin, she stated that her family is her “rock”.

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