Alexis Kougias about Laki Lazopoulos: “What can this number say… It seems that he was in love with me”

Post what Lakis Lazopoulos saidfor Alexis Kouyathe well-known criminologist gave his own answer to the show’s camera “Breakfast» and journalist Yiannis Malliaros.

“I turned 72 years old, I have never hidden my age. Let’s hope that I will turn 102” said Alexis Kougias initially and referred to his health: “I fight a battle every day, that’s why I leave in the morning to Thessaloniki on the morning flight and return on the afternoon flight, I do treatment in the afternoon, I go to my office…

I have learned to live with this condition and from what the doctors tell me luckily I caught it and probably won’t die from it. I will die of something else in my life, may I live for several years” said Alexis Kougias initially regarding his age and health problem.

Regarding Lakis Lazopoulos, Alexis Kougias noted: “What can this number say now… He is dead and he doesn’t know it. For eight years he presented me as a short, crooked, incompetent, non-existent lawyer, he had said that the policeman’s bullet that killed Alexis Grigoropoulos found the wrong bullet, that the bullet should have found me. Every week he did whole skits with me. What can I do to you… He seems to have been in love with me and probably has an unsatisfied lust that probably fell on the wrong person.”

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