Alkis Kampanos: His father was shocked at the trial – “They wanted to kill”

His father’s testimony Alki Kampanou, of the 19-year-old fan of Aris, who fell dead in Thessaloniki a year ago, receiving fatal blows, was shocking and “froze” the courtroom, on the morning of Tuesday 24/1. The man who lost his child spoke about the actions of the perpetrators and the reasonable question about the apology they asked him.

Without turning to look at the 12 defendants, during his testimony, the father of Alkis Kampanos, in his opening statement, referred to the last communication he had with his son and to the way of action of those who on the night of the crime started organized to do harm.

“The defendants acted in an organized and cold manner. If they were in a different mood, while they were constantly hitting Alkis and he was screaming, they would have behaved humanely. Their purpose was to kill.” Among others, Mr. Aristidis Kampanos, the father of the 19-year-old, said this during his shocking testimony at the Mixed Assize Court of Thessaloniki, about the murderous attack his son received, on the fateful night of January 31, 2022.

In the packed courtroom, for the first time there was absolute silence, as if time had frozen, and only Alki’s father could speak. At the beginning of his testimony, he referred to the quality of Alki’s character, saying that he was a quiet and calm child, who never made a fuss.

“The last time I spoke to my son was on 1/31 in the evening. We never had any problem with the child. On the contrary, we received many messages about the quality of his character. I would like to say that Alkis was my spiritual father, he was the voice of my conscience. There were many times when he told me to behave kindly and to love animals. I got to know him mainly through the letters, and from the messages left by all the friends and classmates. I haven’t been to the scene of the attack yet.”

He then pointed out that he did not know any of the accused, while among Alki’s friends, he knew Angelos, and he learned about Dimitris after the incident. “My son was a simple Mars fan who loved his team, he didn’t even go to the games regularly. Question to have gone 5-8 times. He was not in any association, he was not a fan.”

As Alki’s father testified, he believes that the defendants acted in an organized and cold manner. “I will call on my military experience. They were organized as they were written in the “Door 4” link, in which there is a leader and members, there is an organization. Some carried deadly weapons. It seems that it was pre-planned as they switched off their mobiles before reaching Charilaou. This, in the military, is called “radio silence”, in order not to be detected by the police.

Regarding the “apology” requested by some of the defendants, Mr. Kampanos commented “if they think they did nothing, why are they apologizing? Together with Alki, they destroyed the life of the whole family.”

Regarding the sharp objects that were with them, the karabit for example is a deadly weapon. They use it to create as much wear and tear as possible. They usually have it to kill, to make a killing, because with it, quite simply, you cut people. Their purpose was to kill.”

The Kuya – Tauxi episode at the start of the trial

At the start of today’s session, Vassilis Tauxis, one of the defense lawyers for the 12 defendants, asked to take the floor in order to make a statement, commenting on yesterday’s position of civil action lawyer Alexis Kougia, who, on the occasion of the trial, spoke of a climate of terrorism in city ​​of Thessaloniki.

Mr. Kougias answered in high tones and verbal confrontations followed with heavy expressions on both sides. The court adjourned for a few minutes to calm spirits. The trial continues with the testimony of prosecution witnesses. The father of 19-year-old Alki, whose investigation is ongoing, was the first to take the stage.

Yesterday, the 12 defendants, aged 21 and 26 and all temporary detainees, were called to appear on the most serious charges attributed to them. All denied hitting Alkis, although they admitted being present at the incident.

The civil action requested the expansion of the charges for the offenses of criminal organization and distinguished possession of weapons and for this reason it filed a lawsuit, in order to investigate the performance of the above acts after the end of the trial, with the transmission of its records to the competent prosecutor.

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