Allowances for victims of natural disasters: Citizens from Pella have started submitting applications for aid

The regions of Central Macedonia are measuring their wounds which were “hit” in the last hours by the severe weather phenomena and suffered serious material damage. In the municipality of Almopia, in the Regional Unit of Pella, applications began to be submitted for the granting of financial assistance to citizens due to natural disasters.

The municipal authority of Almopia, with its announcement, asks citizens to submit applications from today, Tuesday, January 24, until Friday, February 24, urging those affected to submit their request as soon as possible.

At the same time, teams of employees were formed for the immediate recording of the damages from yesterday’s downpour. As part of the implementation of the emergency response plan, the contact numbers were announced for the residents of the municipality of Almopia, whose properties have been affected and require immediate temporary accommodation or immediate assistance from the municipality’s crews to remove access barriers from their properties. .

The mayor of Skydra, Katerina Ignatiadou, requested that the municipality be declared in a state of emergency, due to the large volume of water, the transported materials and the serious problems created in infrastructure, roads and agricultural crops.

As Mrs. Ignatiadou said, Skydra, due to its geographical position, is the recipient of the volume of water from Aridaia, Edessa, Agra and other areas. “The situation is tragic. The embankment that “rests” on the settlements of Sandali, Dafni, Kalivia, Aspro, Lipochori has burst and there is a danger,” the mayor of Skydra told APE-MPE. He also noted that the biological cleaning facilities have been flooded, the damages are incalculable and that all the municipal crews are on the streets to deal with the problems.

In Pieria, restoration work is underway on the road network. Teams of the Regional Unity began the autopsies on the order of the deputy governor Sofia Mavridou. At the same time, the recording of the problems continues, which focus on the movement of transported materials in the streams, while at the same time direct interventions are made to restore the water runoff in wells along the road network (e.g. provincial road Katerinis – Nea Efessos – Kontariotissa – Saint Spyridon).

Motorists on Pieria’s road network should drive carefully, obey the Road Traffic Code, keep a safe distance from the vehicles in front, while there is a warning for Irish crossings.

In the municipality of Katerinisdue to the heavy rain during the night it was not possible to collect the waste and the cleaning crews went out on the streets in the morning, with the administration of the municipality asking for the understanding of the drivers for the movement of waste trucks during peak hours.

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