Androulakis: Let Mitsotakis inform the institutions committee – “The institutional diversion is complete”

In his statement, he calls on Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to respond to the surveillance case and also to cause the Parliament’s Institutions and Transparency Committee to be informed tomorrow. the president of PASOK – KINAL Nikos Androulakis.

“Five months ago I started a difficult struggle, which I had decided that, despite the shouts and senseless personal attacks, would be completely institutional. I appealed to the Justice, the Independent Authorities and the European Court of Human Rights, with the sole aim of revealing the truth and restoring the prestige of the institutions, which were brutally abused by Maximos’ company”, says Mr. Androulakis.

“A while ago, I received a letter from the Head of ADAE, Mr. Christos Rammos, informing me of the results of the investigation by the Independent Authority, since the parliamentary majority of New Democracy prohibits as today the legal information of the Parliament and by extension the entire Greek people. They are the same MPs who, while urging me for months in an illegal information process “by ear”, today prevent the Greek people from learning the truth in a legal way”, adds the president of PASOK.

“This completes and documents the picture of institutional decay, which culminated in the cover-up of the scandal in the Commission of Inquiry – a travesty and the ongoing operation of unconstitutional silencing of the Independent Authorities. All this constitutes a slide into authoritarianism and exposes the country internationally”, Mr. Androulakis also points out.

“What the Greek people conquered through struggles, will not become a blessing in Mr. Mitsotakis’s power-mania. The Prime Minister tonight has two obligations: The first, to answer the relentless questions that arise about the rule of law and our national security. And the second, to immediately cause, tomorrow morning, the Parliament’s Institutions and Transparency Committee to be informed about the findings of the A.D.A.E.’s investigation”, concludes the president of PASOK – KINAL.

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