Androulakis: We have a duty to support the multiple roles of women in society

The president of PASOK-Movement for Change, Nikos Androulakis, met today with self-employed women and freelancers, following the initiative taken by Parliamentary group for the filing of an amendment in accordance with which it is proposed to adjust the maternity allowance of self-employed women to the levels of salaried insured persons.

THE Nikos Androulakis pointed out that “We have a duty to support her multiple roles ladies man in society, knowing that thousands of e-professional or self-employed mothers are forced to return to their offices, their shops. Therefore, we tabled an amendment to institute a four-month maternity allowance – not lower than the minimum wage – so that the child can have his mother close to him during these critical first months.”

We lag behind other European states in matters related to the role of women in society more broadly. We must take the required parliamentary initiatives, so that there is a framework where women will create, produce and, at the same time, there will be respect for her role as a mother.”

The women who participated in the discussion, -lawyers, dentists, farmers and working women to commercial sector-, they referred at length to the problems they have encountered and welcomed his initiative PASOK-Movement for Change asking for it to be voted on as soon as possible by all parliamentary parties.

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