Annita Pania for everything: Nikos Karvelas, their son and the shows of the past – “I have no guilt”

A comprehensive interview was given by Annita Pania on the show “Mega Good morning” and to Eleonora Meleti.

The well-known presenter spoke, among other things, about the shows she did in the past, about her relationship with Nikos Karvelas and their son, and about Anna Vissi.

“I accept criticism in general, regardless of whether I agree with what people write. Now that I watch the old shows I understand why people were commenting, what they were commenting on. This sight was strange for the time, but it was real and our intentions were innocent. I only have nostalgia for them, I have no guilt. I would see it this way if there was no response, people came in queues, always of their own accord. In the context of the criticism at the time, he had heard that I am also a bad person, I hate people”, said Anita Pania initially.

Annita Pania: Nikos Karvelas and their son

“I don’t feel that I got married, because with Nikos Karvelas it was such a compatible relationship, so we didn’t feel anything because we got married. This was like an event for us, we had a good time, we enjoyed it. Nikos liked it then, but I think always in a special way that he and I think, we never saw it that we were going to join our lives with the bonds of marriage,” added Annita Pania.

Regarding her acquaintance with Nikos Karvelas, Annita Pania revealed: “Nikos Karvelas dropped her on the phone. We lived very well what we lived, I had no maternal filter, it came from my relationship with Nikos, we wanted a child to come into our lives and Andreas came. He is my man for everything now. We have a good time together. I trust my son a lot, but the insecurity and worry is always there.”

In closing, Annita Pania also referred to her relationship with Anna Vissi, saying: “It never occurred to me to leave an imprint on Nikos’s heart, because of his relationship with Anna Vissi. For me, Anna is my joy that she is in my life, that I live her closely. I like her, I admire her, I love her. I think Anna is an example to everyone, she manages to stay young, beautiful, strong.”

See the entire interview that Anita Pania gave to Eleonora Meleti below:

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