Anthi Salagoudi: “At ERT they fought an incredible war against me, it was a traumatic experience”

Guest on the show “Better Late“, with the Athenaida Nega was found on the evening of Tuesday 24/1 Anthi Salagoudi.

Anthi Salagoudi, among others, referred to the period she did tests to present a show on ERT, characterizing it as a traumatic experience.

“They gave me an incredible war at ERT, it’s something I want to forget. I was doing tests and they were changing my ladder at the last minute, calling everyone from the cleaning people to the highest person up to the control. At that time, of course, it was a bit of an ungovernable ship, the current administration had not yet entered”, said Anthi Salagoudi initially.

He added: “They were putting guests in to talk bad to me, to see my reactions. They made me sleepy. It was very hard. I was targeted for a political game, where I was there and never understood. My experience was traumatic.”

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