Antonis Cafetzopoulos: “I was unemployed and I chose this role, I wasn’t played on TV”

THE Antonis Cafetzopoulos was invited to the ERT show “In the morning I saw you at noon” and, in the midst of it all, he also referred to the role of “Akalyptos” in the series “And the married have soul”, who has written history on Greek television.

Antonis Kafetzopoulos revealed that the reason he said yes to this series was because he had been unemployed and needed the job and because he really liked the specific role he finally played.

“My culturist friends considered me an agent of the traders and the traders a spy for the culturists who, after I sold, took me on their jobs. But there was a period when neither the cultural phone nor the commercial one rang. When you start doing a job you don’t know if it will go well. “Akalyptos” was a job that I decided mainly because I was unemployed.

They didn’t play me on TV, they didn’t want me. The private channels had come out and they were the newest kids and they were saying, “he’s gone, his paint has worn off”. The first reason I accepted this role was that I needed this job and the second reason I really liked this role. I turned down another role in the series even though I needed the job and told them. “I will come if you want, but for him, because I have somehow envisioned him”. They finally took me, but not very willingly,” said Antonis Cafetzopoulos to ERT.

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