Antonis Kanakis for Dimitris Oikonomou: “You lose both with the collapse and the audacity – It’s awesome”

New comments from Antonis Kanakis for Dimitris Oikonomou in the False rumor.

A few days ago, the SKAI journalist responded to the statements of the ANT1 presenter via twitter – See HERE is what Dimitris Oikonomou wrote.

On Tuesday afternoon, Antonis Kanakis came back and commented on the intense disagreement that Thanos Pleuris and Dimitris Tzanakopoulos had on the air of SKAI and the attitude of the presenter, Dimitris Oikonomou.

See the relevant excerpt here:

“We have one more fight, one more massacre on the news broadcasts of Greek television. Are you telling me there are fights on newscasts? Where and where does this happen? What’s this fight about? The best joke ever heard on air has been told in this fight. We have told jokes, but all these are kittens in front of the joke you will hear” Antonis Kanakis initially said and the video was immediately shown.

“We laugh, but it’s crying because a piece of journalism has collapsed in this country. You lose both with the collapse and the audacity. It’s awesome… The independent channels” closed Antonis Kanakis about the dispute in question.

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