Antonis Schroiter on the intense moments with Ioanna Bouki – “I change the room, she gets worse”

THE Antonis Schroiter made a splash on her new show Annita Pania and his Ilias Psinakis “Mercy” in Mega.

The journalist and presenter of his news bulletin Alpha he talked about his experience in News and also about his life away from the media.

“Before I became a newscaster, I was a human for a short time. There is no getting sick in this job, unless you die. It doesn’t exist today, I’m not well”, initially admitted Antonis Schroiter.

Speaking about his personal life next to Ioanna Bouki, Antonis Schroiter revealed that he avoids fights and tensions, while he has his own way of not coming into conflict with his wife.

“I’m not the kind of guy you’re going to push and do whatever you want, but 9 times out of 10 I’m very calm. It’s the fabric like that, that we go to do a job and we fight later. Then I usually get bored of fighting, so that passes.

I am very bored of their fights, I don’t fight in my personal life either. He is the monster of indifference, the one who does not speak. I think that the man in the fights, the less he talks, the more he wins” said Antonis Schroiter.

And he revealed about the intense moments with Ioanna Bouki: “My wife and I have been together for 11 years, all the moments have passed. In intense moments, I change rooms, change floors and on the third I change houses, I will go for a walk”, said Antonis Schroiter.

“But she’s getting worse,” he admitted about his wife.

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