Antonis Schroiter to Psinaki – Pania: “Harassment does not end with actors”

Footprint on his new show Ilias Psinakis with the Annita PaniaMercywill do Antonis Schroiter on the evening of Tuesday 24/1.

The well-known journalist and presenter of Alpha’s central news bulletin, among other things, talks about his career, his daughters, but also about their two marriages.

On Eleni Menegaki’s show, a small excerpt from Antonis Schroiter’s interview on “Mercy!” was shown.

“Before I became a newscaster, I was a human for a short time. There is no getting sick in this job, unless you die. It doesn’t exist today, I’m not well,” said Antonis Schroiter.

“I have never told a story that I know is a lie. Harassment doesn’t stop at actors. You haven’t fought on TV?” Antonis Schroiter added at another point.

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