Argyris Angelou for Nikos Vertis: “All the pantsers poured into the streets”

The discussions and reproduction are intense in the last few hours regarding an interview he said he granted nine years ago Nick Vertis to the journalist, Aris Kavatzikis and to People magazine.

The well-known singer, among other things, had referred to homosexuals, stressing that if he himself was gay, he would speak openly from the first moment, as he does not think that it is something that anyone should be ashamed of.

The specific statements of Nikos Vertis seem to have disturbed him Argyris Angelouwho was a guest on Pride’s radio show and among other things, expressed his opinion both on the singer’s statements and called the journalist’s question wrong.

Everyone in pants, my child, spilled out into the streets, I don’t know the man at all, I don’t even listen to his music, I’ve been once in a store where the man sings, makes me happy and the people love him very much. But that is not our issue. I find it an unacceptable question from the journalist, I have experienced such questions in the past and in much more difficult times, not now when society is more ready to listen to them, and I have reacted extremely.

I believe that man went into the process of answering this tragic question and unfortunately 99 out of 100 times you try to answer and escape such a question by making the decision that you will answer, you say @@@@. It was clearly a very wrong statement by Nikos Vertis. Very wrong, and he is an experienced man and I don’t understand how he fell into such a trap. You don’t need to over-effort in things, nor to prove your pants”, said Argyris Angelou.

The clip was shown on Breakfast.

We remind you that Nikos Vertis had declared to the magazine: “Things that don’t apply don’t concern me. First of all I grew up in the Netherlands and I hate people who are ashamed of their peculiarities. If you’re gay, you shouldn’t be ashamed to say it. I had gay childhood friends who weren’t ashamed of it,” the popular singer told People.

“Well, if I were gay, I wouldn’t be ashamed of anything to say it publicly. Unfortunately for some and fortunately for some, I am the last person on earth who would have even 1% homosexual tendencies in me. Personally, you know, I feel sorry for those who haven’t accepted themselves and push them away from me».

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