Aris: Pardew felt unwell – “We apologize, another game if we hit the penalty,” said Terzis

MAT forces used extensive tear gas on Papanastasiou in the tension with Aris fans and Alan Pardew felt unwell and was not in the press room after his team’s painful elimination. He was replaced by Tolis Terzis who apologized for the exclusion and referred to missed penalty considering that everything was decided there.

“The game was decided in the penalty phase. If we scored there and based on the fact that Olympiakos was playing with ten players, then we would see another game with the help of the crowd. We upset him and we apologize,” said Alan Pardew’s partner initially and added: “We were better than the opponent. In the first half we had two big chances with Gray and more to follow in the second half. Our big chance was the penalty. Andre felt good to execute it, so he took the ball but failed. If it was 1-0 there now we would be talking about a completely different game. We raise our heads and continue for the goal in the Championship”.

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