Aris Souledis: He publicly reveals the “Martika plan” against Sakis Katsoulis – “I have heard it with my own ears”

After what was heard in the Council of the Island, at Survivor All Starwhere Nikos Bartzis and Sakis Katsoulis got into an intense confrontationThe Aris Souledis sent a public message.

Through his personal profile on twitter, the former Survivor player revealed the tactics of Spyros Martikas, which he has heard – as he wrote – with his own ears.

“I told you before you went, that they will try to deconstruct you and drive you crazy. Because I experienced them last year. Martikas and Bartzis are trying, because you are competitively strong, to harm you in terms of the world so that their friends, the non-existent ones from behind, can benefit. These are plans that I have heard with my own ears. Tactical Martika, to defeat the strong competitively. Please come,” Aris Souledis wrote on Twitter.

The tweet made by Aris Souledis about Sakis Katsoulis:

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