At 18:00 Tsipras to the President of the Republic regarding Rammos’ letter

The President of SYRIZA is expected to cross the threshold of the Presidential Palace at 18:00 this afternoon, Alexis Tsipras, in order to inform the President of the Republic, Katerina Sakellaropoulou, about the connection case.

Mr. Tsipras earlier this morning was found at the ADAE offices, having a private meeting with its president, Christos Rammos. Leaving the ADAE offices with a white envelope in hand he said, “fortunately there are still judges in Athens. And the light of the Republic once again defeated the darkness” said Mr. Tsipras in his short statement to the journalists, thus continuing his political initiatives on this specific case.

At the same time, however, associates of the President of SYRIZA, say that Alexis Tsipras “is institutional and is not going to say names neither on the sidewalk, nor in the television studios, except as he must from the floor of the Parliament, in the temple of democracy”, “showing” as particularly important tomorrow’s position of the President of SYRIZA PS from the floor of the Parliament.

As they add, Mr. Tsipras “tomorrow is expected to take the floor and take his position during the debate on the Health bill in the plenary session” of the Parliament, in order to give answers to the Greek people about the much-lauded case.

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