Athina Oikonomakou: “My son saw me in the theater and got upset when I was pushed on stage”

The official premiere of the show was successfully held on the evening of Monday 24/1Sayo’s crazy» in the Pallas theater.

The leading role of Sagio’s “Madness” is played by Elisavet Konstantinidou. She is joined by Nikos Moutsinas in the role of the old man and Athena Oikonomakou, in the role of the sweet and sensitive Irma, a Parisian prostitute. The main actors in the show are Yannis Siamsiaris, Kostas Kazakas, Christina Tsafou, Stella Gikas, Stathis Mantzoros, Georgia Kallergi, Prodromos Tosounidis, Efthimis Georgopoulos, Makis Patelis and six other actors.

THE Athena Economakouwho this year returned to the stage after eight years of abstinence, at the end of the performance she spoke to the television cameras of the entertainment shows and, among other things, revealed what her son’s first reaction was when he saw her for the first time on the theater stage.

“He’s always my man. The little one had come one day, I wanted it very much, he asked for it whenever he came to see where mom is when she is away. He loved it he was excited but at some point they push me on stage and he says “why did this gentleman push you mom? It shook him a lot,” said Athina Economakou.

The video was shown on the show Happy Day

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