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Konstantinos Pantelidis: His father is in critical condition – The singer’s statement

His father remains in serious condition Konstantinou Pantelidis, Stavros Pantelidis, in the hospital. Stavros Pantelidis is in the ICU of the Central Hospital, after a stroke. The young singer has interrupted his performances with Lefteris Pantazis and Christos Dantes to be close to his loved one. Konstantinos Pantelidis spoke at Breakfast about his father’s health….

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Sasmus: Nikephoros is faced with an unexpected revelation

New episode coming tonight on “Samso» at 21:00 and the developments are expected to be stormy. Argyro thinks about whether she should tell Asteris the truth about Petris, while Kalliopi learns about Asteris’ fight with Stavros. Read the episode summary Efthymis asks Mathios for what Stefanis owes. Calliope learns about Asteris’ fight with…

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Mitarakis: There is a link between the “little Maria” NGOs and prominent SYRIZA officials

“Interconnection” of NGO involved in fabricating the story of the alleged death of little Maria on an islet of Evros with prominent SYRIZA officials, Mr. Notis Mitarakis denounced, calling on the official opposition leader to apologize for adopting fake news in order to damage its image of Greece internationally. The Minister of Immigration Policy speaking…

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