Babis Stokas: “Working with Sakis Rouvas was a mistake for many reasons”

THE Babis Stokas found himself invited to Studio 4where he referred to the period when he was a judge in a talent show but also to his collaboration with Saki Rouva.

As he admitted, he did not regret his position as judge, however he called his collaboration with Sakis Rouvas a “mistake”.

“I thought there must be some people coming in who are not used to these. I saw abroad a rock star, a pop star and a producer and in Greece I saw five people walking around, so I said I’ll go and do the overthrow. I had a good time, where I have a good time, I don’t have a good time. Where I’m not having a good time, I leave, you would have understood” Babis Stokas initially said.

“As for Sakis Rouvas, I think it was a mistake for many reasons. Then, as far as Anna is concerned, it was a song that I heard in Kalamata with a friend of mine and I said, what a nice duet to do with Anna and that’s how I did it…” added Babis Stokas as a guest at Studio 4.

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