Bad weather: Low temperatures in Central and Western Macedonia – Snow and rain in Kozani, the temperature at -3 in Vasilitsa Greveno

Low temperatures make up the weather scene in Central and Western Macedonia, while in some areas snowfall has started without, so far, reported problems.

Snow is falling in the city of Kozani, while earlier the residents of Western Macedonia received a message on their mobile phones from 112 about heavy snowfall, from the morning hours of Thursday. It is still snowing in the mountains of the prefecture of Imathia.

Watch a video from from the “white” Velventou Refuge in Kozani:

Afternoon video from "white" Velvento Sanctuary

For example, the temperature is at -3 degrees Celsius in Vasilitsa Grevena and Lailia Serres, at -2 in Seli Imathias, 0 degrees in Volakas Nevrokopiou, 1 in Polygyros, 2 in Kerasia Pella and Kozani, 3 in Eptalofos Kilkis. Besides, because of her heavy rainfall of the previous days, traffic has been suspended on the municipal street of Paleou Prodromos – Koulouras, in Imathia. According to the Municipality of Alexandria Imathia, a bridge collapsed over the “Krasopoulis” stream on the road that connects Paleo Prodromos with the provincial road Koulouras – Melikis.

It also continues traffic stoppage on the provincial road Kastaneris – Livadion, at Kilkis. Traffic has been restored on the Nea Lykogianni – Palaia Lykogianni municipal road, in Imathia.

Source of RES-EMP

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