Bad weather: Message from 112 in areas of Western Greece and the Ionian – Schools are closed in Zakynthos, Kefalonia and Ithaca

The competent authorities are on standby in view of the upcoming bad weather, while a message from 112 in areas of Western Greece and the Ionian Islands, outside of Corfu.

According to the emergency worsening weather report, dangerous weather conditions with strong thunderstorms and gale force winds are expected in the next few hours. For this reason, 112 has been activated in Aitoloakarnania, Achaia, Ilia and the Ionian islands, except Corfu.

“Activation 112. Dangerous weather phenomena (strong storms-gusty winds) in the next hours in Aetoloakarnania, Achaia, Ilia, Ionian Islands, except Corfu. Limit movements to absolutely necessary & follow the authorities’ instructions” says 112.

Watch the course of the bad weather live:

Meeting at the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection about the bad weather

The activation of 112 to send warning messages to residents of specific areas depending on the evolution of the phenomena was decided during a meeting held today at the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, under the Minister Christos Stylianidis, to evaluate the meteorological data concerning the upcoming bad weather.

Mr. Stylianides underlined that the entire civil protection mechanism is already on heightened alert to immediately deal with any problems that arise due to the upcoming dangerous weather phenomena.

According to a statement from the ministry, the General Secretariat of Civil Protection and ESKEDIK have already informed the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and all the competent government agencies involved, the regions and municipalities of the country as well as all the concessionaires of the country’s highways to be in full readiness.

At the same time, the General Directorate of Public Health strongly advises citizens (in addition to the instructions of 112) to be very careful, to limit their movements to the absolutely necessary in areas where dangerous weather phenomena are expected and to take all the necessary self-protection measures in accordance with the instructions of the General Department of Public Health .

The meeting was also attended by the Deputy Minister Evangelos Tournas, the Secretary General of Civil Protection Vassilios Papageorgiou, the Chief of the Fire Brigade Lieutenant General Georgios Pournaras, the Chief of Staff of the Corps Lieutenant General Christos Lambris, the Commander of the National Coordination Center for Operations and Crisis Management (ESKEDIK) Lieutenant General Theodoros Vagias, the head of the Order Branch of the Hellenic Police headquarters Lieutenant General Eleftherios Garilas, the director of Planning and Emergency Response of the Greek Police Dimitrios Alexandris, as well as the scientific team of meteorologists and hydrologists.

It is recalled that according to the updated Emergency Bulletin of Dangerous Weather Phenomena issued today Wednesday 25 January 2023 by the National Meteorological Service (EMY), a significant worsening of the weather with locally dangerous phenomena is predicted from the evening of Wednesday (25-01-2023) to and on Friday (27-01-2023) with the main features being heavy rains and storms, local hail and heavy snowfall in the continental mountainous-semi-mountainous areas but also in areas in the north with a relatively lower altitude. It is pointed out that substantial differences from the original Emergency Bulletin concern only the altitudes where heavy snowfall is expected.

Citizens can be updated daily on the development of extraordinary weather phenomena in the regular weather reports of EMY and on the website of EMY at the online address

Recommendations of the Public Health Service to citizens due to the bad weather

Recommendations to citizens to be especially careful, taking care to take self-protection measures from risks arising from the manifestation of severe weather phenomena, the general secretariat of Civil Protection addresses on the occasion of the upcoming bad weather.

In particular, in areas where heavy rains, storms or gale-force winds are predicted, the Public Health Service recommends that citizens:

– Secure objects which, if carried away by severe weather conditions, may cause damage or injury.

– To make sure that the gutters and downspouts of the houses are not blocked and are working properly.

– Avoid crossing torrents and streams, on foot or by vehicle, during storms and rainfall, but also for several hours after the end of their event

– Avoid outdoor work and activities in marine and coastal areas during severe weather events (risk of lightning strikes).

– Take shelter immediately during a hailstorm. Take shelter in a building or car and do not leave the safe area until they are sure the storm has passed. Hail can be very dangerous for animals too.

– Avoid passing under large trees, under posted signs and in general areas where light objects (e.g. pots, broken glass, etc.) can become detached and fall to the ground (e.g. under balconies ).

– To faithfully follow the instructions of the local authorities, such as Traffic, etc.

Also, in areas where snowfall and frost are predicted:

If they are going to travel by car:

– To be informed about the weather and the condition of the road network

– Have anti-skid chains on their vehicle and a full tank of fuel

– To travel, if necessary, preferably during the day preferring the main roads

– To inform their relatives about the route they are going to follow

– Change their travel schedule to avoid peak weather conditions

– To faithfully follow the instructions of the local authorities, such as Traffic, etc.

If moving on foot:

– Dress in several layers of light clothing instead of a heavy suit and wear appropriate shoes to avoid slippery injuries

– To avoid unnecessary movements during the peak of the phenomena (heavy snowfall, freezing conditions)

For information and announcements regarding the prevailing situation and the passability of the road network due to the inflow of flood waters into it or due to snowfall and frost, citizens can visit the EL.AS website.

For more information and self-protection instructions from severe weather, citizens can visit the website of the General Secretariat of Civil Protection at the email address

Closed schools in Zakynthos, Kefalonia and Ithaki

Also, by decision of the mayor of Zakynthos, Nikitas Aretakis, schools of all levels of education are expected to remain closed on Thursday (26/1), due to the bad weather affecting the island. The mayor’s announcement in detail:

By order of the Mayor of Zakynthos and as the Deputy Mayor for Social Affairs and Education informed the Social Welfare and Social Policy Service.


The managers of the above structures must inform the Parents and Guardians in time to avoid unnecessary movements and their exposure to possible risks».

Also, in Kefalonia and Ithaca, primary and secondary schools will also remain closed, while pre-school education units will also remain closed. In detail, the mayor of Argostoli states:

Taking into consideration:

The provisions of article 58 of Law 3852/2010 “New Architecture of Local Government and Decentralized Administration – Kallikratis Program”.

Article 75 par. I int. f subsection 27 of Law 3463/2006, as supplemented by article 94 of Law 3852/2010.

Paragraph 1 of article 282 of Law 3852/2010.

The provisions of article 5 of the P.D. 200/1998.

The document numbered no. 5071/24-01-2023 of the Decentralized Administration of Peloponnese-West Greece & Ionian Directorate of Civil Protection regarding the emergency bulletin of Dangerous Weather Phenomena-Special warning signal.

From 01-25-2023 Update of the EMY’s Emergency Bulletin of Dangerous Weather Phenomena.

We decide to suspend the operation of the pre-school education units (nursery centers, kindergartens, infant employment units) under the responsibility of the Municipality of Argostoli on Thursday 01-26-2023, due to the onset of dangerous weather phenomena according to the emergency bulletin issued by the Ministry of Health.

The Mayor of Argostoli Theofilos Michalatos».

Also, from the Regional Unit of Kefalonia and Ithaca:

We would like to inform you that tomorrow, Thursday, January 26, due to weather conditions, the primary and secondary schools of Kefallinia and Ithaki will be closed.

The Deputy Governor of Kefalonia and Ithaca».

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