Bartholomew: Church of Russia has papal claims, not Ecumenical Patriarchate

Big ambitions, creating tensions and covering up responsibilities, he attributed Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in the Church of Russia, completely rejecting that the Russian invasion is connected with the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church

In his videotaped intervention at an evening organized by the Organization for the Promotion of Greek and Orthodox Culture “AENAOS”, yesterday afternoon, at the Officers’ Club, on the topic of Ukrainian Autocephaly and Russia’s war against Ukraine, the Bartholomew he used very harsh language about the Church of Russia.

In any case, Mr Ecumenical Patriarch he emphasized that the granting of the Autocephaly to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine has no relationship, direct or indirect, with geopolitical facts and with Russia’s unacceptable invasion of Ukraine.

THE Church of Russia, noted His Holiness, artificially links the war with Ukrainian autocephaly, to cover its responsibilities and its great ambitions. “She was the one who deepened the gap between Ukrainians and Russians and not the Ukrainian Autocephalous given to the trying Ukrainian people. Russia’s reaction stems from an attempt to impose on the Ukrainian people and from the absence of a healthy ecclesiastical conscience.” he reported.

The Fanari, he said, gave a helping hand to Russia to solve it Ukrainian, but the efforts were fruitless, with the fault of the Russian side, which however does not admit it.

“Russia’s Church creates tensions”

Her leadership Church of Moscow he tries to impose a new ecclesiology, which overturns the ecclesiastical order on the basis of new data. But he must understand that the Ecumenical Patriarchate it is the only guarantee for the unity of Orthodoxy. Without the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Orthodoxy will fall into the vortex of nationalisms, into the introversion of self-sufficiency, into the contempt of the modern world”. he stated.

In fact, the Ecumenical Patriarch underlined that EChurch of Russia still blames it Ecumenical Patriarchate that he is responsible for the tensions in Orthodox relations, while “ashe is the one who creates the tensions, the one who illegally entered his jurisdiction Patriarchate of Alexandria, tarnishing the image of Orthodoxy in the eyes of the Christian world”.

The Ecumenical Patriarch, moreover, emphasized that its leadership Church of Russia considers that the intervention of the Ecumenical Patriarchate created a schism in Orthodoxy. “For us this is not true. The granting of the Autocephalous is a substantial contribution to the unity of Orthodoxy as a practical expression of Orthodox ecclesiology and long-standing ecclesiastical practice. It is the actions of the Church of Russia that threaten the unity of Orthodoxy and not the response of the Ecumenical Patriarchate to the request of the Ukrainian people”he underlined.

In fact, he mentioned that Church of Russia it is she who has papal claims, not the Ecumenical Patriarchate. “Moscow does not recognize the right of Ukrainians to have an Autocephalous Church, because it wants to oppress them, it wants to turn Orthodoxy into a confederation of Churches to have a say. Its overtly arrogant and hegemonic mentality will highlight the pivotal role of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in the Orthodox discourse.”

“The Church of Russia ruthlessly pursues matricide”

“The Ukrainian Autocephaly is an accomplished ecclesiastical fact and no propaganda and no war can cancel it. The Church of Russia ruthlessly pursues it matricide. We are all witnesses to the catastrophe unfolding on Ukrainian soil. A ceasefire must be reached immediately.” the Ecumenical Patriarch pointed out and invited those Orthodox Autocephalous Churches that have not already done so to proceed with the recognition of the Autocephalous Church of Ukraine:

We invite all Orthodox Autocephalous Churches they have not yet done so to proceed with recognition, thereby showing their support for the trying Ukrainian people, and for the Church of Russia to apologize for the suffering it has caused Orthodoxy. Allusions to the connection of the war with the granted Autocephalus are figments of a morbid imagination to cover up the crime being committed in Ukraine today. The Orthodox Ukrainian people will never accept that their church continues to be subordinated to the Moscow Patriarchate, which blessed the invasion of their homeland.”he noted with emphasis.

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