Betty Maggira for Eleni Foureira: “I don’t stick my tail out, we all do that”

The interview given by Helen Foureira in Greek Vogue and what she revealed about the difficulties she went through until she managed to get pregnant, were also commented on the show “Who’s in the morning” by Betty Magira and its partners.

The presenter, after reading what Eleni Foureira said about the pressure she felt seeing everyone dealing with her pregnancy while she herself was confined to a bed, wanted to make her own account of the way the media handled the matter.

“I’m going to say something now that I don’t really like, doing this show but I don’t stick my tail out… I put me in too, because we all do this. Unfortunately, when there is a rumor, it’s good not to go out and say it, if during pregnancy she doesn’t come out and say it herself first” said Betty Maggira and continued,

“As much as it is our job to reproduce news and gossip, in such a sensitive period of a woman, we should not go out and talk ourselves. You saw how she felt herself confined to a bed for 3 months after the detachment…listening to talk shows about pregnancy. We have to be very careful, to respect at least the first trimester of pregnancy.”

“When she announces it herself, let’s go out and say it too. We won’t win anything in the end” concluded Betty Magira.

“The people who love her so much, when they saw that she canceled the concerts and they thought that she was probably pregnant, most of the time do it with a lot of love, because they are happy” commented Dimitris Makalias for his part, with Panagiotis Hatzidakis adding: “This little moment on TV for someone is huge, it’s months of agony. He won’t give us anything, because we’re moving on to the next piece of news.”

“Television has a step and a lot more people can learn it. Another site, which many fans may not enter or discuss among themselves, because they support her and want to know her news. But when it is the subject of discussion everywhere, what difficult position can a woman be in? We didn’t even know all that has happened. I was surprised,” said Betty Maggira at the end.

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