Black Coffee, the phenomenon of house music is coming to Athens

He is for many people the “hottest” DJ on the planet, a guy who shakes the decks of the most famous clubs in Ibiza and in Mykonos and now the Black Coffeethe phenomenon of house music, is coming to Athens for an unrepeatable show lasting more than 3 hours!

The awarded with Grammy superstar DJ and producer from South Africa will be found on Friday April 21 – he brings the Eject Festival-at the Tae Kwon Do stadium in Faliro, to take off his audience with one of his amazing sets.


His performance in Athens is expected to last over three hours and his fans will enjoy his inspirations from South Africa who are paid depending on the event from seventy five to one hundred thousand euros! After Athens, Mykonos will follow in the summer, which duly honors this “phenomenon” of dance music, as with his meteoric course in the last two decades, he has become one of the most influential Dj’s.


He is a true intellectual of music, with incredible creativity and such versatility in his influences that he has become sought after in the most prestigious clubs and music festivals of the world.

House music is for him his great passion, which he uses as a musical “vehicle” that unites and with this recipe, Black Coffee radiates higher and higher, while his songs record hundreds of millions of streams: “Drive”, ‘Your Eyes’, ‘Ready For You’, ‘Superman’, ‘Turn Me On’, ‘Never Gonna Forget’, ‘Deep In The Bottom’ and the remix to Alicia Keys’ ‘In Common’ are just some of the tracks of which are chapters in the history of house music.

In Athens, Black Coffee comes to the peak of his career, after last year he experienced the greatest success of his career, as his 6th album “Subconciously” won the Grammy Award in the Best Dance/Electronic category!


And if his productions are so special, his sets are – without a doubt – unreal! He has this magical way of moving effortlessly between so many genres and captivating the audience, whether he’s in his famous residency at the top club Hï Ibiza, in his set for Circle – with 40,000,000 streams or at the biggest festivals of the world!

He certainly doesn’t enjoy the stage as much as anyone, which is why he has the official Guinness record for the longest set of all time, with 60 consecutive hours!


Last year in a photo he uploaded on his Twitter account his fans commented on the shoes the dj was wearing as amazing and many started asking him what they are.

Black Coffee didn’t answer but those who did a thorough search found that his shoes were Louis Vuitton sneakers worth 2,000 euros!

Which sounds reasonable for a guy whose fortune last year was estimated at €57,192,710, proving to be a Midas of the electronic music scene, constantly at the top.

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