Bulgaria: New elections likely in April after failure to form a government

THE Bulgaria will organize new parliamentary elections, possibly in April, the fifth since 2021, after the failure today of a last-ditch attempt to form a government.

This Balkan country is facing a political impasse not seen since the end of its communist regime in 1989.

The former prime minister Boyko Borisovwhose conservative party, GERB, came first in the October 2 election, did not find allies and the other formations also failed to build a coalition.

“It was not possible to find any solution to resolve the political crisis. We are therefore heading for new elections”its president commented today Bulgaria, Rumen Radev, referring to the fruitless efforts of the socialist leaders.

Within the next few days Radev is going to announce the dissolution of parliament and elections will be held on April 2 at the earliest, the Electoral Commission.

Analysts are however pessimistic and predict a similar outcome, without a stable majority and with the prospect of new elections being held in the autumn. Barring a brief interlude of a few months in 2022 with a reformist government under the Harvard graduate former businessman Kirill Petkov, interim governments have been succeeding each other for two years and important bills remain pending.

Against this backdrop, funds from the EU-endorsed post-Covid recovery plan are trickling in and the goal of joining the eurozone in 2024 looks increasingly elusive.

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