But what an Oscar snitch she is!

For example, almost a year ago the Oscar for best picture was won by a nice little story with the title “CODA, to the beat of the heart”

Now put down the details. This film was never shown in Greece. Where should people view it? They would be swatting flies. And even worse, it is a remake of a Franco-Belgian co-production with the title “The Blier Family” by Eric Lartigo. In fact, this film was screened in Greece in 2014 with good box office performance

What was the criterion that pushed the “Academics” to highlight hair in hair? Unknown. However, last year’s award ceremony, the 94th if I’m not mistaken, shone with the resounding slap on the cheeks of the unsuspecting Chris Rock from the aggrieved Will Smith. Which movie and which Oscar? Let the slaps be good

So, the day before yesterday Tuesday, a baroufa of absolute chaos and trivial script entitled “Everything, everywhere all at once” secured eleven nominations, among the best film, direction, A and B female role. The duo of directors Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert are as average as most directors

So the film was shown in Greece in the summer, with low box-office performance and moderate to insignificant reviews. The blind is the ultimate definition of chaos and incoherence. Where a Chinese refugee in the USA is forced, due to suffering, to be launched into a parallel universe. To laugh; Nothing. To cry; But what do you say now? Should I go to my water? I did it! If I now compare this magnificent barufa with five other contenders for the Oscar for best film, then it is as if I am putting the trivial with the exciting in the same fate, on the same scale. For example, the German-produced “No Younger Than the Western Front,” the best thing that has come out in the past year. For documentation, make an effort to watch it from the Netflix platform

Ditto for Martin McDonagh’s “spirits of Inniserin”. Ditto for Baz Luhrmann’s “Elvis.” Ditto for Steven Spielberg’s autobiography “The Fabelmans.” And the same for the Swedish “triangle of sadness” by Ruben Estlund

Close to all these unexplained and hilarious all six nominations, even for best film for “Top Gun the Maverick”. That is, an aerial propaganda adventure to claim the Oscar for best film. And what’s even more hilarious is the fact that the Oscars contemptuously ignored the man par excellence who highlights this flying bubblegum, namely Tom Cruise!. Nonsense

The “Academics” also ignored the Oscar for best director from the German director Edward Berger, whose skill and excellent vision “write” and highlight “No Younger than the Western Front” at the level of an anti-war masterpiece

Not to mention, one thing I expect to see and enjoy in the early hours of Monday, March 13 (Greece time) at the 95th Oscar ceremony: enough faps to fall so that we don’t get deep and continuous yawns!

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