Chania: Disappearance of a 53-year-old woman – Hours of agony for her family

A 53-year-old woman in Chania has two days to give signs of life, causing her family to spend hours of agony.

According to his information cretapost, the daughter and son-in-law of the 53-year-old woman have been looking for her for two days, but to no avail. Things got even more difficult when they both went to the 53-year-old’s house, they knocked but no one answered. In fact, when they took her on her cell phone, they could hear the phone ringing inside the house.

Concerned, they alerted the authorities to open the door, fearing that something bad has happened to him and he cannot open the door.

Firefighters along with police officers rushed to the scene and after they managed to enter the house they saw that it was empty.

Now, her family is expected to officially file a disappearance request so that the authorities’ investigations can begin.

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