Danai Barka: She broke out after Eleni Foureira’s confession – “At the altar of television viewing, she was not respected”

Her own statement after her confession Eleni Foureira for the difficulties she faced until she managed to get pregnant, but also during the first months of her pregnancy, she wanted to do Danae Barka through her show on the morning of Tuesday 1/24.

The presenter of the show “Pame Danae” expressed her annoyance with some TV shows and some presenters, who, as she said, at the altar of television viewing, they disrespected a woman who was having a hard time. (read Eleni Foureira’s confession here)

“On the one hand, famous people that we love, admire and follow, share their difficulties and on the other hand, there are people who do not respect it. And what I mean, they don’t respect it so they don’t call me sour and strict again. Let’s not hide behind our finger, we here knew that Eleni is pregnant and of course I’m not pointing the finger at anyone. However, there are some people, as in every area, who did not respect this.

What Eleni says, that I wanted to go through my difficulty alone, my anxieties, but I heard my pregnancy being commented on all day, guys, it’s very difficult. A man who is now at home, may not realize the magnitude, what it means to go through your difficulty and see on the altar of reproduction commented on.

It is up to the discretion of each team, and each presenter to respect that. As I happen to have been friends with Eleni, I know that she really wanted to make it. I am very happy that she succeeded because I know that all her sensitivity, if it goes to a man, he will be very happy. But it is nice to respect the difficulty of each person and not create taboos.

It’s nice to respect and not only care about our work, television viewing, reproduction and to care about the human soul” said Danai Barka.

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