Degree in… Law but with the basis he got the ChatGPT application

The tool artificial intelligence ChatGPT created by the Californian start-up OpenAI passed the exams School of Law of the United States drafting answers to a range of topics ranging from Constitutional and Tax Law to civil torts

The capabilities of the tool, which is massively fed by Internet data and is able to compile texts by answering simple questions, have caused admiration, but also concern from users since its appearance at the end of last year.

In some cases the machine’s results have been so convincing that educators at many universities are concerned about the danger of widespread copying and the end of traditional classroom teaching methods.

He was given the same test that students take

THE Jonathan Choi, professor at University of Minnesota School of Law, submitted it ChatGPT in the same test that students take for the degree, i.e. 95 multiple-choice questions and 12 essay questions in four subject areas. In a university publication, Jonathan Choi and the other signatories state that the robot received an overall grade of C+.

Although this grade is enough to pass the matriculation test, the robot’s performance was very close to the bottom of its class, the university said.

In compiling the subjects’ responses, the ChatGPT demonstrated that he has mastered the basic legal rules and that his organization and training are solid“, write the authors of the publication.

However, the chatbot “he had trouble spotting problems when asked open-ended questions, a staple of law school exams“, they write, and he showed no ability “of deep reasoning and analysis”.Enemy or training tool?

New York authorities banned its use ChatGPT in schools, but o Jonathan Choi believes that the robot can be a valuable aid in education.

Overall, ChatGPT was not a very good Law Student acting alone”he tweeted.

But we believe that human-assisted language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT can be useful to law students taking exams and practicing lawyers.“, he writes.

To allay fears of copying, o Jonathan Choi stated that two out of three proofreaders recognized the test written by the chatbot.

They had a hunch, and their hunch was the right one, because ChatGPT has perfect grammar and is somewhat repetitive in nature».

Source: RES-MPE

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