Dendias: Anyone who participates in Greek education actually participates in the global ethos

The performance of the Greek school SAHETI in Johannesburg as “a school known in Greece as one of the best Greek educational institutions worldwide”praised the foreign minister Nikos Dendias.

Anyone who participates in Greek education participates in the Greek ethos, in fact in the global ethos”emphasized Mr. Dendias, in the presence of the Most Reverend Metropolitan of Ioanninapolis and Pretoria, Mr. Damaskinos.

During his presence, Mr Foreign Minister he expressed his emotion when he saw children wearing traditional Greek costumes and indeed of Corfu, which is also his special homeland.

The school has proven to you in practice its high level, the qualifications it offers to its graduates. The continuous successes in the Greek exams are impressive. Even more impressive when they come from great kids who don’t have Greek roots.” he noted as he was delighted to be informed that last week you performed exceptionally well in your final high school matric exams.

I share the vision of its founders SAHETI, an educational institution open to all. Application, thus, of the idea of ​​our Ancient Greek ancestors” stated and added:

“It is our duty to contribute, in whatever way we can, to the facilitation of those children who would like to attend this great school and who do not have the means to do so.”

“That’s why today, as the Greek state, we will contribute to the “Georgios Bizos” scholarship program, to give the opportunity to even more students with high ambitions and potential to study here at your excellent school.”

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