Documentary video: What the fake doctor told his victims to receive large sums of money

Revealing evidence about the alleged action bogus doctor brings to light the T-live with the Tatiana Stefanidou.

“Every move you make kills cells” the accused fake doctor can be heard saying.

As seen in the video document, the 66-year-old is at the home of one of his alleged victims, giving instructions on the treatment he is applying. In the hands of the patient’s mother is a bundle with dozens of 50 euro banknotes. It is one of dozens of times that he is paid his exorbitant feeaccording to the complainant.

“Set a goal per semester. Don’t set a goal for the week. What is it now? February, right? Put in June.”

He himself has been referred to justice for this specific case. According to information, in his apology he claimed that he was never paid in cash…

“My own earnings are limited exclusively to amounts that I have always included in the legal receipts issued by me. My fees were deposited into my bank accounts. I never received money in any other way. I neither prescribed, administered, nor withheld any treatment”the alleged fake doctor said in his apology, according to information from T-live.

In another video documentary secured and presented exclusively by T-live the physiotherapist with a syringe takes the medicine from the vial and prepares to inject the patient suffering from multiple sclerosis…

Physiotherapist is recorded with syringe in hand. In fact, he analyzes with ease what is the preparation he administers. He behaves, speaks and acts like an experienced doctor…

“I never introduced myself as a neurologist. I only provided physiotherapy services as I am a well-known physiotherapist and my work focuses on physiotherapy only. Both the patient and her relatives knew my exact professional status” the 66-year-old claims for his part.

In other document obtained and presented exclusively by T-live, the alleged fake doctor explains to the patient and her relatives how he himself will bring from Germany the preparations he proposes to treat the disease. As it sounds like the job is… set up for the special conditions of stem cell transfer that only he can provide…

“Regarding what they say that I gave preparations not certified by the EOF, everything is untrue and slanderous. The relevant treatment was the sole responsibility of her German doctor. The patient and her relatives visited him in Germany and they received and brought to Greece the relevant injection vials” the 66-year-old accused as a fake doctor said in his apology.

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