Don’t Start Muttering: It’s back with double episodes

The TV series “Do not start moaning» returns this Sunday, January 29, at 20:00, with new double episodes.

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Don't Start Murmuring |  New episode Sunday 20:00

Kanatis learns that Meni left him for someone else and decides with the help of Angelos and Veli to meet new girls… Ilias shows all the symptoms of a cold: runny nose, sore throat, tithes. But is it a simple cold or a new, dangerous virus? Vangelis meets Nana, the publisher of Voula, and, for the first time in his life, he is bored with love! Voula and Minas don’t know how to help him… Sofia comes home with the baby for the first time and all Babi’s phobias come out.

Above all, however, he is afraid to embrace it. Until… Meni is forced to reveal to Kaiti and Ilias that she is no longer with Papanastasis. But in the end, who broke up who? Angelos and Veli decide to celebrate their anniversary alone at home, but nothing will go as planned…

Voula and Mina’s plans to get Vangelis away from Nana don’t go as planned and Vangelis is beaten by someone who… doesn’t exist. Xenia is sure that a well-known journalist on ERT3 will call her for an interview. But the reality is different…

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