Dora Makrygiannis: I was returning to Athens with a suitcase in my hand, I slept on an empty mattress

THE Dora Makrigianni gave an interview and referred to the difficulties she faced, the first years she came to Athens, but also the role that love plays in her life.

The actress spoke on the show “I saw you in the morning” and initially, she revealed that until she managed to find her first house in Athens, she was walking around with a suitcase in her hand, going to friends who could accommodate her.

“Until I found my first apartment in Athens, I was walking around with a suitcase in my hand from house to house, from friend to friend. I couldn’t find anything. When I finally found it, I remember needing the warmth of my own space so badly. The furniture had not arrived and I slept on a bare mattress. I slept on the mattress. I took a bottle of wine, I didn’t even have a glass and I asked my neighbor for a glass to drink the wine”he characteristically said.

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Then, she referred to love, which, as she said, plays a catalytic role in her life.

“For me, love is a catalyst. I’m out of a relationship. because there is no love. Love is missing today, I think. We have lost the looks, the pauses, not talking so much, looking at each other, dedicating songs or giving a flower”the actress explained.

Finally, about the success he experienced from the series “Woman without a name”, he mentioned: “It didn’t change me at all, nor the people I had around me. The only thing that changed is that people got to know me, loved me and embraced me. The series was sold in Peru and Venezuela. Suddenly, the girl dubbing me in Spanish sent me a message and I see in a clip me and Thanasis Patriarcheas speaking Spanish.”

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